Water Treatment Consultants


Enviroflo has a well established reputation for providing meaningful information to our water treatment customers. Our advice emanates from over 100 years of knowledge in the industry combined with a deep understanding of both processes and equipment.

Our clients value the information, as they can directly use the assistance provided to either reduce operating costs, prolong system life, or improve production processes.

We always engage with our customers so that they can move forward, armed with the knowledge to maintain and manage their systems, by themselves.


Our laboratory is based near Redcar, in Cleveland..

We carry out water treatment analytical testing on behalf of our clients, who may be other Water Treatment companies, Facility Management companies, Equipment Manufacturers, or any operation requiring a rapid water analysis.

Our analysis is fast and efficient and provides a different type of reporting. Our analysis provides results from complex water tests, but that data is then translated into meaningful and easily understood discussion.

Finally, the report describes any actions required as a result of the analysis.

Our analysis:

  • is industrially accurate
  • has a rapid turnaround
  • can be carried out on site
  • reports are digital, and immediately available

Our analysis will always be extremely relevant to your site, and to your process.



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